FoodLab Chicago Curriculum

Workshops & Expert Panels


With FoodLab Chicago’s pivot to COVID-19 Rapid Response, Rapid Recovery and Resiliency Planning we are very excited to present the below following curriculum.

(Cohort participants only, not open to the public)

Monday April 27th, Session #1 Expert panel of bankers and funders

Accessing  emergency funds, banking relationships

+ Current available  grant and loan programs

+ Building banking relationships

Monday May 4th, Session #2 workshop

Strategic planning, SWOT Analysis

+ Strategic Planning, SWOT analysis

Monday May 18th, Session #3 workshop

Cash management, PPP, Prime Costs

+ Streching the Cash, Prime Cost Analysis

Monday June 1st, Restorative Practices session

Post Protest, Looting and Vandalism weekend

Monday June 8th, Session #4 workshop

Mitigating Risks and Staying Safe

+ Operational Best Practice in the COVID environment

Monday June 15th, Session #5 workshop

Creating systems for supporting & taking care of your staff

+ Servant Leadership, building your team

Monday June 29th, Session #6 expert panel

Adapting Business models

+ Pivoting your business in the COVID environment

July 13th, Session #7 workshop

Taking your business online

+ Building a digital presence

July 27th, Session #8 workshop

The pricing process

+ Consider pricing strategies

Aug 10th, Session #9 workshop

Guiding your mission

+ The what, how and the who of your business statement

August 24th , Session #10 workshop

Creating a brand

+ Brand components

August 31st , Session #11 workshop

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

– Business growth strategy

– Creation

– Production

– Distribution

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