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For 22 food business entrepreneurs we’ll create business income growth, higher wages for workers and decrease local restaurant leakage in 2020. Providing integrated services to largely mature food businesses owned by people of color, addressing acute barriers that hamper their growth.

FoodLab Chicago Info Sheet

FoodLab Chicago will build upon FoodLab Detroit’s strong record. FoodLab Detroit has served over 100 Detroit food businesses. 55% were operated by people of color. FoodLab Chicago’s business curriculum will highlight best practices that have been executed by African American entrepreneurs who have mature businesses and the elite group that has achieved $1 million in annual sales.

WGN News 8/21/20

How 75th Street is surviving

Henry Grabar

Video HERE

9/5/20     ABC 7 Chicago 

75th Street Boardwalk opens in Chatham made from recycled plywood

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CBS News 10/30/20 Steven Graves

Chatham Businesses Thriving Despite Indoor Dining Ban

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ABC 10/30/20

Restrictions on bars and restaurants take effect Josephine’s,  Lem’s BBQ

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6th video down, diningroom picture

NBC 10/31/20

Celebrating Halloween Safely on 75th Street

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CBS 5/7/21

South Side Entrepreneurs – Jaidah Wilson-Turnbow

Frances Cocktail Lounge

VIDEO HERE second interview @one minute in.

Clancy E. Turnbow Foundation