For 22 food business entrepreneurs we’ll create business income growth, higher wages for workers and decrease local restaurant leakage in 2020.  Providing integrated services to largely mature food businesses owned by people of color, addressing acute barriers that hamper their growth.


Your needs and the needs of the community are urgent. That’s why we’re offering free workshops and panels through FoodLab Chicago. These events will provide Rapid Response Support for your business, including:
o Help accessing emergency relief funds from the SBA and other programs
o Help assessing your immediate liquidity needs
o Assistance to stretch the capital your small business currently has
o Help rethinking business strategies to respond to your new normal

11 sessions of restaurants management curriculum – leadership, HR, accounting, cashflow, marketing, CPG, story telling, pitch

Panel discussions & fireside chats -including triple bottom line, future of food, grocery channel

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring & Networking

Chicago paired with Detroit Restaurants

One-on-One Tech Assistance

Technical Assistance and coaching